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Steven W. Nicholas Ed. D., MFT, NCC


Dr. Nicholas has his doctorate in Counseling and Educational Psychology.  He has been practicing as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) since 2007 and has immersed himself in the phenomena of trauma and the potential growth from adverse events.  His trainings are aimed at normalizing the cultures of stress and trauma exposure.  His copyrighted model, Living Ideation, is a positive contrast to the common suicide prevention models; Living Ideation aims to discover existing strengths within a person and then amplify those abilities for resilience.  Ultimately, balance and strength out compete depression, burnout, and suicidal thoughts. 

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Throughout his studies and teachings, Dr. Nicholas has worked with individuals, couples, families, and organizations impacted by the co-occurrences of substance use disorders and mental health diagnoses.   In addition to doctoral publications analyzing how groups create greater relational connections after suicide loss, Dr. Nicholas was a contributing investigator for the DSM-5.   Dr. Nicholas has resided in northern Nevada for over forty-five years and has a comprehensive private practice in Reno.  

Watch the podcast for an in depth discussion with Dr. Nicholas about Living Ideation.

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